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Who is Tomato Green Design

Tomato green is a young vibrant design company that believes in its tag line; “change the world one design at a time”. Gao Mphago the owner has worked as a graphic designer for 13 years building on a good and solid rapo. Not only is she a qualified Graphic designer, she also has a Diploma in Packaging Design & Technology, did a Business Development course for 1 year and a 6 month course in Carpentry & Upholstery.

I started my internship at double purple design studio in Bloemfontein. At this  time I was still fresh in the industry and I got a full-time employment at C-Squared Events Company. I worked there for two years and moved to Lesedi Consultant; still as a Graphic Designer. I then got a good opportunity at Blu-Hues design studio to work as a Senior Graphic Designer.  This is when the business bug bit and Tomato Green Design was born.

Design Methodology

Tomato Green strives to keep the products unique by designing and manufacturing the products in-house.

It is essential to establish a polished and professional look for a business/home.  Tomato Green will establish a concept for marketing/product. We will begin by creating three versions of the concept and present it in PDF’s. For Products we will start with drawings and rendering of it. Upon approval of the strongest concept we will develop a consistent look for all your marketing materials and corporate Identity or product.

Material Content

With an approved consistent look established the next step is to add content to the marketing materials.

Generally clients will gather existing materials (pamphlets, forms, papers, photographs) and send them to us, but we can also use the existing business profile. We take the materials and ready them for the presentation and print. The content is then passed out into individual marketing materials and assembled in a hierarchy which is easy to understand. Material content is added to material which has a consistent theme and look in terms of the corporate identity and accent graphics and branding.

Developing the Marketing Materials

Generally we will do a first presentation with dummy content or content that already exist. Then the client will make amendments to the presentation, and send correct content we begin to apply the content accordingly. This allows the client to see the progress as we build. Together we review the materials over a meeting during the building process. When the artwork is complete we will then upload the content and artwork accordingly.

Developing the product

The first presentation is usually pdf’s of the product rendering concepts. Once the one concept has been finalised, we do a second presentation with prototype of the actual product. This will be done with little material and will be used show the client how the final product will look.

Work that we do

Design & Craft

Graphic Design
Art Direction


HTML 5 Canvas
CSS 3D Transforms
Front-End Framework
Native Applications


Visual Design
Brand Strategy
Process & Exploration
Copywriting Print


Opportunity Analysis
Branding Discovery
Production Planning

“Tomato Green Design is one of the most professional Design Agencies I've worked with to Date“

Itumeleng Mokotedi

“Gao was an absolute star in helping us get a professional brand and product image“

Hector Motau

“Service with a smile“

Sarah Randara